What is a Congregate Living Health Facility?

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West Sacramento Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is a Congregate Living Health Facility (CLHF) located in West Sacramento, CA offering rehabilitation and other services in a boutique community-based setting. The residents we care for receive compassionate care and structured support in a beautiful home-like environment.

Our programs integrate the work necessary to heal and the social experiences to help build skills, develop confidence, and actively contribute to the community. Our philosophy of combining functional therapies and everyday experiences in a real-world setting enhances the therapeutic gain for our residents. Our culture is focused on accountability, excellence, and perhaps most importantly measurable results.

We offer programs and services for individuals:

  • Who are mentally alert, physically disabled individuals who may be ventilator dependent
  • Who have a diagnosis of terminal illness, a diagnosis of a life-threatening illness, or both
  • Who are catastrophically and severely disabled


Family Integration in the Healing Process

Families are an integral part of the treatment team at West Sacramento Nursing and Rehabilitation Center and we encourage you to be active participants in your loved one’s rehabilitation process.

We believe that open and consistent communication is critical to ensuring your loved one achieve their rehabilitative goals. To help facilitate that, families and legal guardians are offered regular phone or email updates on their loved one’s progress, and we welcome your feedback and questions. Families are also encouraged to visit their loved ones regularly and are welcome to join us during special activities such as holiday celebrations.

We understand that the challenges that put your loved one in our care can impact the entire family as well. We invite families and guardians to participate in all formal conferences with our team to review progress made, establish new goals, give valuable input, and make a plan for discharge.

What is a Congregate Living Health Facility?
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